Gel Stain


Unique to Allandale Decorating Centre, Sue Kay has developed a gel stain product to help achieve that dark espresso colour that is popular. It is great for updating kitchen cabinetry, furniture or stairs. The only requirement prior to application is a light sanding (no stripping needed). A top coat is recommended for added durability and lasting.

Java & Bark can be used on previously stained and varnished surfaces, bare wood, or to darken what you currently have. Top coat it with our great latex or oil polyurethane for the finished look. Old Masters gel polyurethane has the ease of application that a paste wax would have, and has a gentle lustre with a hand rubbed appearance. For areas needing durability, any clear coat will adhere to gel stain once dry for 48 hours in a dry environment.  

Comes in 4 custom colours - Java, Bark, American Walnut and Driftwood.